Recreation Programs

The Parks, Recreation and Ground Department is responsible for managing all of the various sports leagues, family events and other activities that are a daily staple in the City of Jackson. With 27 parks and countless other amenities throughout the city, there is always something going on for kids, teens or adults both young and old! All of the pertinent information regarding any league schedules, event calendars or sign-up forms for our recreational activities can be found below.
  1. Adult Programs

    Discover exciting programs design for adults through the Parks and Recreation Department.

  2. Brochures & Forms

    Download various Parks and Recreation brochures and forms.

  3. Events

    Find out about events happening in the City of Jackson put on by the Parks and Recreation Department.

  4. Senior Programs

    Explore programs designed for seniors to stay active in the community.

  5. Youth Programs

    Find out about youth recreation programs through the Parks and Recreation Department.