Public Works

The Department of Public Works maintains the city’s streets, sewers, and catch basins year-round. During autumn the department provides a leaf drop off program . In winter, snow removal is the priority.

The Department of Public Works will be street sweeping starting in March. The sweepers will be cleaning the curb and gutter down the entire length of the street.  If possible, when sweepers are in your area, please refrain from parking your vehicle on the street.  Please do not rake or sweep yard debris into the street, as extra debris will plug up the sweeping units.
Public Works employees also check city sidewalks. Public Works also administrates the Noxious Weed Program. From May 1 to October 31, property owners must keep grass mowed to less than 8 inches or the city will have it mowed and the property owner will be invoiced.

The Department of Public Works actively works to be behind the scenes of many different civic events and programs that happen throughout the city by providing support and maintenance when needed.

Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding the responsibilities of the department, please contact us at 517-788-4170.  For after hours emergencies, please call 517-788-4100.

Loose Leaf Collection Program 

Beginning in mid to late November, the City of Jackson is launching its New Loose Leaf Collection Program! The City has purchased new equipment that crews from the Department of Public Works will use to vacuum loose leaves that are placed in parkways, which is the area between street curbs and sidewalks.  The City Council recently voted to cancel the Bagged Leaf Pickup Program in favor of the New Loose Leaf Collection Program to make yard cleanups more convenient for residents.

The collection will start in mid to late November and take place through December. Do not rake leaves past the curb into the street. Fines may be imposed if loose leaves are placed into the street.  Loose leaves on roadways damage pavement and clog storm drains. Bagged leaves will no longer be accepted. Loose leaves will be the ONLY material collected. Leaf piles that contain trash or yard waste will not be accepted.

Public Works crews will collect loose leaves during daytime up to six days a week from mid to late November through December.

The collection will start in Section 1 and move east through Sections 2, 3, 4, and 5. After Section 5, crews will move north to Section 6 and continue collection west through Sections 7, 8, 9 and 10. Crews will move onto the next section after collection efforts are complete in that area. 

A collection map is below. To get a closer look at the map, visit this highlighted web link

Here are ways to find out when loose leaf collection is coming to your area:

-Sign up for the City’s CodeRED system to get phone, email and text updates.

-Look for updates on the City’s website.

-“Like” the City’s Facebook page for regular updates.

-Call 517-768-6088 to hear regular updates on collection activity. 

If you have questions about the leaf collection, please call the City of Jackson Dept. of Public Works at 517-788-4170.