Property Registration


The City of Jackson is extending the deadline for property owners to register their housing rentals. At their meeting on Tuesday, May 26, the Jackson City Council approved an extension of the Non-Owner Occupied Residential Property (NOORP) deadline from July 1, 2020 to Sept. 11, 2020 for the 2020-2022 registration cycle. 

According to the Jackson Code of Ordinances, owners of housing rental properties must register their properties with the City’s Department of Neighborhood and Economic Operations every two years. Late charges are applied if property owners fail to register by the annual July 1 deadline.

Jackson City Hall has been closed to the public since mid-March due to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID-19 Executive Orders. Because of the closure, property owners have not been permitted to enter City Hall to file their NOORP registrations. City staff have also not been able to mail reminder notices due to the closure.

The deadline extension to Friday, Sept. 11 allows property owners more time to register their properties and avoid late charges, along with giving City staff more time to mail reminder notices and process registration applications. The extension is only in effect for the 2020-2022 registration cycle. New home purchases intended to be used for something other than the primary residence of the buyer still need to be registered within the 45 day window. 

The full NOORP resolution (PDF) is available to view on this web page.

Registration Requirements

Property registrations are valid for 2 years:
  1. Property Registration Application (PDF) is completed in full and returned to NEO
  2. An Acknowledgment of Local Responsible Agent Form is submitted and signed by the Local Responsible Agent if required
  3. All application fees are paid

Changes to Submitted Applications

If any information submitted upon application changes, the owner must notify the Department of Neighborhood and Economic Operations within 10 days and submit an amended application at no cost. However, failure to update information within 10 days is a violation and subject to late fees of $5 per unit per day.

Renewing Property Registration

A renewal property registration must be applied for at least 60 days prior to the expiration date.