Living in Jackson

Public & Private Schools
With 12 public school districts, 3 charter schools, and 7 private and parochial schools, Jackson County is a great place to start or continue the paths towards success. Although close in proximity, each school is distinct and offers a learning environment rich in resources and tradition.

Higher Education
There are also 3 higher learning institutions in Jackson County:
Jackson Community College Entrance
Parks & Recreation
With 22 parks totaling more than 600 acres, the City of Jackson features limitless outdoor recreational opportunities. The Jackson Parks, Recreation, and Grounds Department manages all public outdoor areas like city cemeteries and downtown plaza common areas. If it’s happening outside in the City of Jackson, it’s most likely being managed by this department.
Kids at an Outdoor Event
Police Department
When living in the City of Jackson, feeling safe and secure is high on our priority list. Both city and county police headquarters are located in the heart of downtown to assure quick response to any emergency. You can also view an interactive map of where crimes are being reported, get info on any con-artist scams taking place, and get pertinent information related to your neighborhood, all through the Jackson Police Department.
Police Officers Lined Up in Ceremony
Mayor's Office
Find an official welcome to the City of Jackson, and follow the authentic correspondence of our Mayor Jason C. Smith. Whenever something new and exciting is happening in the city, look to the Mayor’s Office to learn about it first.

Also, you can voice your questions, comments, or concerns directly to the Mayor’s Office.
Mayor Jason C. Smith