Black History Month in Jackson

Social Media DayFebruary is Black History Month! The City of Jackson is celebrating by honoring African American residents from Jackson's past and present. Throughout February 2019, Assistant to the City Manager Amber Clark and Public Information Officer Aaron Dimick are posting information to the City website and social media that shed light on local African Americans who have made an impact locally and nationwide. Some of the names and faces highlighted may be familiar, but we hope to bring a greater awareness to black history in Jackson by spotlighting unsung heroes in the community. 

Learn more about the people being recognized: 

Starting the Project

Wilbur & Cleomae Dungy

Elnora Moorman

Danny Poole 

Lucy Thurman 

Carl Breeding 

Babbie Mason

Amos Polk Williams 

Teressa Delph

Betty Joplin 

Flamingo T. Brown

Benny Poole

Shirley Pitts

The White Family

Emma P. Nichols 

Sadie & Ex Rhodes Barham

Alice Lewis 

To further honor the month, Mayor Derek Dobies signed a proclamation that proclaims February, 2019 as Black History Month in the City of Jackson.  YouTube video of the proclamation.