Lead Service Line Replacements 


About Service Line Replacements and Lining Up Jackson 

Lining Up Jackson is the effort to refresh Jackson's water one line at a time. Over the next 35 years, the City will be replacing all 11,339 of Jackson's lead service lines. 

This section of the City website provides residents with everything they need to know about lead line replacements. A video on this page gives an update on replacement progress in 2023. 

Lead Line Replacement Progress

Replacement progress Aug. 2023

What Are Service Lines?

A service line is what gets water from the water main to the plumbing in your home. In Jackson, and other community across the country, lead was the predominant material used for water service lines for decades. 

Water mains run underneath the street surface. Service lines go from the water main to every home on the street so they can access water. The line goes under the parkway, sidewalk and your front yard. It typically comes in through a basement or crawl space, and links up with the plumbing in your home. A diagram on this page shows where service lines are often found on a property. 

Lead line diagram FINAL