Paving Jackson

Recent Street Construction Projects

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About Paving Jackson 

"Fix the roads" is a comment we hear a lot from residents. But did you know that since 2012, 21.5 miles of roadway have been resurfaced in the City of Jackson, and road spending has increased 152.7 percent over the past 9 years? Improving the City's infrastructure is an ongoing priority for the City. This website section, Paving Jackson, is designed to keep residents informed on those efforts, with breakdowns of road construction projects over the past 20 years and upcoming improvements. 

How Street Projects Are Determined

Some residents may wonder why one street is receiving a construction project, when it appears another is in far worse shape. A lot of factors go into which streets are selected for construction. The Engineering Division plans and executes construction projects for the City of Jackson.  Projects are often planned several years in advance. Before planning a project, City engineers consider the following: 

  • Street surface condition 
  • Traffic volume 
  • How long its been since the street received a project 
  • Age and condition of the water main 
  • Material of the water service lines  
  • Available funding sources

Requesting a Construction Project

Contact the Engineering Division at 517-788-4160 to see if a street is scheduled for construction within the next few years. If it is not scheduled for reconstruction, the resident can obtain a petition from the City Clerk's OfficeAccording to City Ordinance, petitions signed by at least 50% of property owners can initiate public improvements such as street construction. If ordered for construction, property owners would be assessed for their share of the construction cost.