Fire Suppression

Division Members & Activities

Members of the Fire Suppression Division work a 3-platoon, 24-hour shift schedule which averages 56-hours per week. Shifts change at 8 a.m. Firefighters are assigned to 3 engines and 1 ladder truck.

Daily activities include:
  • Responding to emergency service requests
  • Cleaning vehicles and station 
  • Preparing meals
  • Completing seasonal projects.

Seasonal Programs

In-Service Company Inspections

Fire safety inspections are conducted for all industrial, commercial, and multifamily residential properties, from April through October. For more information, view the Fire Prevention page.

Apparatus Testing

Fire Department pumpers, ladders, and hose are tested to rigid National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) specifications during the months of March and April.

Water Supply Testing

All fire hydrants located in the city are inspected during the month of November and flow tested throughout the year.

Classroom Training/Station Maintenance

December, January, and February are typically reserved for class­room training, and if time is available, for station maintenance projects. State and federal legislation has impacted the fire service in several areas including Hazardous Materials, Fire Fighter Right-to-Know, and Infectious Disease control.  These laws have required special training for suppression personnel and have also required modifications and additions to department record keeping and documentation. Shift captains are responsible for documentation of training received, activities performed, and personnel working.