Building Plan Review & Permits

Over the course of the year, the Fire Prevention Bureau works in conjunction with the Building Inspection Division to review plans submitted for construction and renovation projects in the city to assure compliance with the Building Code and NFPA Standards.

Issuing Permits
The Fire Prevention Bureau is also charged with issuance of permits under the City of Jackson Fire Prevention Code. Permits are issued to places of public assembly and businesses engaged in activities such as:
  • Auto repair
  • Service stations
  • Welding
  • Spray paint equipment
  • Businesses storing quantities of combustible materials, hazardous materials, chemicals, or fireworks
Public Assembly Permits
Public Assembly Permits are issued to 179 businesses, schools, and churches in the city. 126 Hazardous Activity Permits are issued annually.

Permits from the Fire Department are required when a fire protection sprinkler system, alarm system, or a hood system are installed. Inspections to ascertain compliance with permits must be scheduled 48 hours in advance.