Treasurer's Office

Improving Services to Jackson Citizens

The Treasurer's Office is always seeking ways to improve services to the citizens of Jackson. We initiated the e-payment system for paying water bills and tax bills. You are now able to pay your bills by credit card on the Internet.

There is a convenience fee of 3% for using your credit card. The fee goes directly to the card company to cover their costs, and not to the city. Many people have used this service for paying their bills, and have found it to be very convenient.

Of course, you may still pay your taxes and water bills in person at our office or send them through the mail. You will be cordially greeted by our professional staff and taken care of in a timely manner. Our staff is cross-trained for all transactions in the office, and is knowledgeable about most questions people usually have concerning city government. We are located on the 1st floor of City Hall. 

Tax Statements

Our office sends out over 16,000 real and personal property tax statements to citizens twice a year. Summer property tax bills can be paid in full by July 31 or in 5 installments by the 20th of the month, starting in July through November. Winter tax bills are payable in full from December 1 through February 14.

Income Tax

Since 1970, the City of Jackson is one of 22 cities that have a local income tax. Any citizen of Jackson that makes over $600 a year must file a form and pay 1% to the city. All non-residents that work in the city must file and pay ½ of 1% to our city. All corporations and partnerships are subject to the 1% tax. Our office handles over 30,000 income tax forms a year.

City of Jackson Income Tax submissions are due on April 30 of each year. If April 30 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, tax submissions are due the following business day. 

Income Tax Forms

All Income Tax Forms are audited for accuracy. Forms are available at our office or by using income tax forms link available on this page.