Ward 5

Councilmember Karen Bunnell was elected by residents to represent the City's Fifth Ward in Nov. 2021, after being appointed by the City Council to fill a vacancy in 2020. 

Bunnell is a Jackson area native who graduated from Northwest High School in 2006. She has a bachelor’s degree in communication from Spring Arbor University. The councilmember has been a resident of the Fifth Ward since 2014 and currently resides downtown.

She works for the Walton Insurance Group in Jackson as a Benefits Compliance Administrator and Account Executive. In her spare time, she loves to bake, cook, spend time with her cat, Meeka, and enjoys gardening, art, music and theatre.

During her time as a councilmember, Bunnell is looking forward to working with the police department on the prevention of drug abuse and gun violence. She also wants to work with non-profits and the City on bridging socioeconomic gaps. The councilmember also wants to collaborate with the Downtown Development Authority and other local organizations to promote economic growth and entrepreneurship.

Councilmember Bunnell’s term ends in Nov. 2025. The Fifth Ward consists of Downtown Jackson and its surrounding neighborhoods.