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public arts commission

About the Public Arts Commission 

Created under Ordinance No. 2015.13, Jackson Public Arts Commission is an advisory body to the City Council with the goal to improve the quality of public spaces and make Jackson a better place to live and work.

The Jackson Public Arts Commission is not a source of funding or granting agency. Any proposed project should address the plan to cover expenses. Following are general guidelines and considerations for public art projects such as murals. JPAC's role in this process is to act as an advisory body to ensure that projects are of high artistic quality.

Mural Application & Process

1. Please keep in mind that all City regulations and rules must be met and that this process may require the applicant to obtain appropriate contracts and licenses. 

2. No commercial advertising is permitted, including the inclusion of addresses, phone numbers and websites. 

3. The colors and theme of the project should be consistent with the surrounding area. 

4. The project/mural design/the art, should be relevant and appropriate to the building and City. 

5. Applicant should consider maintenance plans.

6. A sketch or rendering of the work must be included.

This application is required to be completed in full for those who wish to create a mural within the City of Jackson. Please allow a minimum of three months for project reviewonline application.


Five members nominated by the Mayor and approved by City Council, who shall be residents of the City. Members shall serve for 3-year terms. Members shall have experience and/or an interest in the placement, creation, or designation of public art. The Arts Commission may appoint up to three (3) appointed ex-officio members, the City Manager or his/her designee, one City Councilmember, and one representative of Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History. Ex-officio members will be appointed to 3-year terms. 


Meetings are generally held quarterly at 5:30 p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of each month when a meeting is set. The meetings take place in the 10th Floor Conference Room of Jackson City Hall, 161 W. Michigan Ave. Jackson, MI 49201. 

2024 Quarterly Meeting Schedule: 

  • Feb. 20
  • May 21
  • Aug. 20
  • Nov. 19

The latest meeting information is posted on the City Meeting and Event CalendarFuture meeting agendas will be posted in the Agenda and Minutes Center. 

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