Parking Information

1. The holder of the parking permit is entitled to park in the appropriately designated
parking areas subject to availability between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday.
2. Permit holders are required to park within the posted permit areas. Parking in a time
restricted non-permit area subjects the vehicle to a violation being issued for the posted
restriction. Parking in a permit area other than the area for which the permit is
issued subjects the vehicle to a violation.
3. Monthly/Annual permit holders must adhere to any posted or publicized regulations
pertaining to the parking facility and properly display their in-vehicle hang-tag and
parking permit for the current month and year.
4. Monthly/Annual parking permits must be placed on the in-vehicle hangtag and
prominently displayed from the rear view mirror of the vehicle.
5. Permit holders are responsible for removing the in-vehicle hangtag when the vehicle
is in operation.
6. All outstanding parking violations must be paid in full before the Jackson City Clerk’s
Office will issue a daily, monthly, or annual parking permit.

1. Daily parking permits can be obtained through the Jackson City Clerk’s Office for $10.00.
Instructions on how to obtain daily permits will be found on the back of each parking lot
2. Persons wishing to purchase parking to any of the secured parking areas, Lots 15, 16 and
17 will be issued an in-vehicle hangtag, parking permit and access card to obtain entry.
3. After the 15th day of the month, the fee for that month’s parking permit will be reduced
by one-half.
4. Persons holding current monthly or annual permits have the first right of refusal to
purchase a new monthly or annual permit for the same area. The period to exercise this
right is the last three- (3) working days of the current permit period or the first two- (2)
working days of the next permit period.

1. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to notify the Jackson City Clerk’s Office of a lost
or stolen hangtag and/or parking permit.
2. Replacement in-vehicle hangtags and parking permits will be issued through the Jackson
City Clerk’s Office for $5.00 each.
3. Replacement access cards to the parking decks can be obtained in the Jackson City
Clerk’s Office for $50.00 each.

1. Anyone wishing to contest a parking violation may do so in the Jackson City Clerk’s
Office by completing a Parking Violation Dispute Form. The Parking Manager will mail
a written reply within seven (7) business days from the date of the dispute. Permit
holders are required to cease the activity for which the ticket was issued until the Parking
Manager has made a decision on the violation.
2. The City of Jackson reserves the right to close, prohibit and/or relocate permit holders to
alternate parking areas for public purposes.
3. Any vehicle deemed unsafe by the City of Jackson; (i.e. leaking fuel) may be removed
from any of the City’s parking areas at the vehicle owner’s expense.
4. Any vehicle exceeding 8 feet 2 inches in height is strictly prohibited from parking within
either of the two parking decks.
5. Parking permits and in-vehicle hangtags must be facing toward the front of the vehicle.
Failure to display and/or properly display any portion of the hangtag and/or parking
permit will result in a violation.
6. Any attempt to modify and/or alter the appearance of the hangtag and/or parking permit
with the intent to defraud the City of Jackson Municipal Parking System will result in a
violation and immediate suspension of existing parking privileges.
7. No resale of parking permits (non-transferable) from one person and/or organization to
which the permit is issued. Unauthorized transfer will void the use of the permit.
8. The City of Jackson reserves the right to perform the following: 1) Provide written notice
to delinquent parking violators; 2) Notify credit and collection agencies; 3) Request a
show cause hearing/bench warrant; 4) Court action resulting in the suspension of driving
privileges and/or the withholding of motor vehicle registration through the Secretary of
State; 5) Boot and/or tow and impound at owner’s expense for any vehicle that has
accumulated six (6) or more outstanding parking violations.
9. Parking violations must be paid in full before the City of Jackson will release any of the
remedies available to it as outlined in Parking Rules and Violations #8. Payment may be
made by cash, money order, or certified check. No personal checks will be accepted.
10. No motorized vehicles will be stored or allowed to park more than thirty-six (36) hours.
Vehicles parked/stored more than forty-eight (48) hours will be deemed abandoned and
will be towed/impounded at the owner’s expense.