New Ordinances

Small Cell Wireless Ordinance 

The Small Cell Wireless Ordinance has been approved by the Jackson City Council. 

Human Trafficking Ordinance 

At their meeting on November 13, 2018, the Jackson City Council approved an ordinance that requires certain establishments in the City of Jackson to display a human trafficking hotline poster. The ordinance takes effect Dec. 13, 2018. Not displaying this poster in a visible area is a violation of the Code of Ordinances and can result in prosecution for a Misdemeanor.  

Those establishments are: 

-Sexually oriented businesses 

-Any establishment with a liquor license 


-Urgent care centers 

-High schools 

-Job recruitment centers 

Full ordinance 

Download poster in English to print and display 

Download poster in other languages, including Spanish  

The council also passed an ordinance that declares human trafficking a public nuisance at their meeting on Nov. 13, 2018.