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Posted on: August 30, 2023

2 hour parking rules in Downtown Jackson

A sign about 2 hour parking with times and days

In March of 2023, verbiage was added to the 2-hr parking signs located in Downtown Jackson that reads “In This Block.” This means that you can park within a given block for 2-hrs. The 2-hrs includes if you leave and return to the same block; your time does not reset.

  • This includes both sides of the street within a given block.
  • Blocks are determined by the address numbers and directions (Example: 100’s, 200’s, North, South, East and West).
  • If you park in the 100 block of W. Michigan Ave (Michigan from Jackson St. to Mechanic) you can only do so for 2-hrs.
  • You can move to another block and reset your time. For instance, you could move to Jackson Street either North or South of Michigan Ave. and you would be in a different block, or, you could move to the 200 Block of W. Michigan between Blackstone and Jackson St. and you would be in a different block.
  • You do have the option of parking in one of the City’s lots which will also reset your time. Lot #6 is 2-hr parking (on Cortland by the Bus Station), Lot #8 is 2-hr parking (between Michigan and Cortland next to Lean Rocket Lab) or, Lot #5 3-hr parking (corner of Pearl and Mechanic by the Farmers Market).
  • Moving down a spot or two would keep you in the same block and would subject you to a possible citation.
  • When you park in a 2-hr space this is when your 2-hrs start for that block. If you leave and return, even if you were not there 2-hrs, your time is from when you first arrived in that block.

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