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  1. Assessor's Office Inquiry

    E-mail the Assessor's Office

Board and Commission Application

  1. City of Jackson Board/Commission Application

    Online application for those who wish to serve on Boards and Commissions.

General Feedback

  1. Give Us Your Feedback

    General Feedback form for website homepage

Open Data

  1. Suggest a data set

    This form allows citizens to submit their input about which types of data they would like to see available on the Open Data Website, as... More…

Our Town Restaurants

  1. Our Town Meal Distribution Application

    Application for food vendors wanting to participate in the Our Town Program.

  1. Our Town Restaurant Application Follow-Up Questionnaire

    A questionnaire about the Our Town Meal Distribution program.

People for the Parks and Trails Signup

  1. Cleaning up Mt. Evergreen Cemetery
  1. People for the Parks and Trails Interest Form

    Form for people to fill out if they're interested in People for the Parks and Trails.

Police Department

  1. Take Me Home

    A Community Service Identification Program designed to provide basic identifying information about participants who may be disoriented... More…

  1. Vacation House Watch Request Form

Report a Concern

  1. Report a Concern

    Use this form to notify the City of potential issues, from a fallen tree to general concerns or ideas for the City.