Boos Center


About the Boos Center 

The Boos Recreation Center is located at 210 Gilbert St. in the heart of Loomis Park.  The Boos Center has something to offer for all ages!  

Programs resume at Boos Center following construction closure 

UPDATE FROM NOV. 28, 2022: 

A full program schedule is back at the Boos Recreation Center! The center was closed for nearly three months while construction in and outside the center could be completed. While Loomis Park outside the center is still under construction, a new barrier-free walkway has been installed to connect the recreation center to the parking lot off Edgewood Street. 

See which programs are taking place at the Boos Center in the Fall/Winter Recreation Brochure.  

There will be no programs the week of Monday, Dec. 19th so the floors can be waxed at the center following a construction project. This will also provide a short holiday break for program participants and staff.