Zoning Ordinance Procedures Manual

The City of Jackson Zoning Ordinance Procedure Manual provides a comprehensive, systematic guide through the procedures of each type of Planning/Zoning Application outlined in the zoning ordinance.

A description of each type of Planning/Zoning Application, as well as, submittal requirements (checklist), fee schedule, and procedural flow charts are included as a guide for applicants wishing to submit a Planning/Zoning Application for review.

Applicants should review this manual thoroughly (along with relevant documents) to assist in plan preparation, reduce the amount of time spent on plan revisions, and to understand the submittal requirements and appeal processes.

This Zoning Ordinance Procedure Manual does not supersede or preempt any part of the zoning ordinance. The table below demonstrates the role of the review entities regarding the approval of the Planning/Zoning Applications outlined in this manual.


Planning Commission Recommendation

Planning Commission


City Council Approval

Zoning Board of Appeals Approval


(Map Amendment)



Text Amendment

(Zoning Ordinance)



Planned Unit Development



Conditional Use




Site Plan




Variance (All Types)




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