Tenant Deposit Information

Effective on September 15, 2000, the City of Jackson Water Department began actively enforcing a citywide policy regarding tenant responsibility for water bills. This policy, located in Section 27-112 of the Jackson City Code of Ordinances, requires a deposit to be paid to the Water Department before an account can be put into the name of a tenant. The deposit is a flat rate of $300 (effective September 1, 2010) and is held until a requested termination of service.  Termination of a Tenant Account must be verified by Property Owner before the City may close the account.  The deposit is then applied to the account balance and any refund or final bill will be sent to a provided forwarding address within 4-6 weeks.

Tenant Deposit Agreement

Both the tenant and property owner must sign the Tenant Deposit Agreement (PDF). The tenant’s signature is required as proof that he or she understands the responsibility to pay the water bill.

The Tenant Deposit applies to all rental properties in the City of Jackson water system. For more information on this and other billing policies, please email Water Billing.