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City of Jackson Board/Commission Application

  1. City of Jackson Board/Commission Application
  2. Are you a City of Jackson resident? Being a non-resident does not prevent you from serving on a board or commission. However, some boards and commissions have residency requirements.*
  3. Which board or commission are you interested in? You may choose more than one. *
  4. If you selected the Civil Service Board, are you a registered voter? Only registered voters can serve on this commission.
  5. Appointment Process
    Following the submission of your completed application, it will be reviewed by the City Manager's Office and the City Treasurer's Office. The Treasurer will review your application to ensure you do not owe the City unpaid taxes or fines. After that clearance, the Mayor will review your application and make a recommendation for an appointment to a board or commission by the City Council. If the recommendation is confirmed by the City Council, you may officially start the process of becoming a member of a board or commission.
  6. City Charter Section 2.15. - Person in Default to the City.
    The city shall not contract with, or give an appointive position to, one who is in default to the city. No person who is in default to the city may accept or hold an elective or appointive position unless the default is resolved. Written notice describing the default shall be filed with the clerk and verified by the treasurer and served upon the candidate before the oath of office is given, or upon the officeholder. The term "default" shall not apply if the candidate or officeholder shall, within 30 days after receiving the notice, resolve the default, or if the person shall contest it by any recognized means of legal procedure before a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction. In the event the indebtedness is upheld, the person shall have 30 days after final determination of the obligation is made to pay it in full.
  7. Final Submission
    Completed applications are kept on file for up to one year after submission. You will be contacted using the information you provided if you are selected for final consideration by the City Council. A board or commission appointment is a non-paid volunteer position.
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